Born and raised in the midwest and now residing in New York City, Andrea’s career track began during college at Purdue University where she studied visual communication, technical graphics and religious studies. While earning associate and bachelor degrees, Andrea also studied conflict resolution with world leaders like the Dali Lama in Switzerland as a CAUX Scholar. She began her creative career with a freelance project that led to becoming a published illustrator for a children’s book, The Children’s Aviary. Andrea’s first postgraduate job was as a designer at Skidmore Owings & Merrill, an architectural firm in Chicago. After twenty years working in the technology and communications field she has evolved into a visual artist, passionately committed to rebranding femininity and creating street art that promotes real social change. Today Andrea Cook is a changeologist and street artist living in NYC. Eighteen months ago Andrea’s work entitled Pussy Power debuted at the Museum of Sex. It was then represented at Art on Paper Miami during Art Basel. Wallpaper Magazine “cherry-picked” Pussy Power as one of the art show’s “finest works.” Pussy Power has since grown into a body of over 1000 pieces, now in collector homes and on the streets in cities all over the world. She has just returned from a European tour where she slapped Pussy Power all over Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels and more!


“Much of my inspiration comes from my professional journey and personal experiences as a career-driven woman and mother of two creative daughters. In my role as a designer for an architectural firm I used way-finding programs, branding standards and campaign strategies, and I found that the creative process was where I thrived. Always seeking to satisfy my craving for creativity, I ventured on my own entrepreneurial path; I launched a boutique communications agency, the first cowork space in Indiana and a few other start-ups. However, in 2014, I relinquished control of the businesswoman I thought I should be and I realized my true inner passion, purpose and identity as a professional artist. I do not consider myself a traditional artist. I am a changeologist. I am a feminist street artist. I am Pussy Power and I’m seeking a posse to create a movement that changes the world.”