Annie grew up in Indiana and earned her BFA in painting from Indiana University in 2012.  Annie worked in Chicago for several years before moving to Brooklyn in July of 2016. She now works for Church Street School, a nonprofit music and art school in Lower Manhattan. Annie is currently a studio resident at Trestle Gallery in Brooklyn, where she focuses on representative oil paintings of houseplants and interiors. She is also working on a zine called The New Normal, a collaborative project focused on resisting the normalization of hate speech.


“Houseplants have recently taken the place of figures in my work, and these particular paintings are, in a sense, portraits. The plants act as characters, alive but unable to perform any sort of action. This quality interests me, as I intend for the paintings to feel lonely and unsettling; one can be surrounded by houseplants while still being alone. Formally, I am interested in the abstraction of objects and spaces as a method of expressing anxiety and psychological unease. The absence of the figure and distortion of the space are meant to create an emotionally charged setting for an implied narrative outside of the frame. “