Jane Cowles received a BA in fine art from Drew University but thinks of herself as a self taught artist. Jane translates her sensory impressions into a series of words and images. Her fascination with small objects and detail reflects in her work – crisp illustrations, subtle nuances of color and shadow in photography, intricate folds of sculpture and written commentaries and blogs. She explores philosophical issues, spirituality, the human psyche.  Her influences include Egon Schiele, Georgia O’Keefe, Cindy Sherman, CoCo Chanel, Lewis Carol, CS Lewis, and Buddhist teachings. When she is not creating, she uses her formal education in law and business to advise and teach other creatives about practical and professional development.


“Color, light and natural form inspire each work. I am drawn to Petals because while they may fall into the same category no two are alike. In fact each one is so special, so unique in itself, it deserves to stand alone.”