Luisa Calcaño was raised in the Bronx. She is currently an art student at the College of New Rochelle where she is studying art education. She has shown her work in IPCNY’s Annual Print Fest in Chelsea, NY and the NYC Grind’s Warehouse Art Bash in Long Island City. She continues to explore abstraction through mixed media and is deeply interested in the concept of the labyrinth.


“My work is focused on the fluidity and control of emotions. I use a variety of mediums such as acrylic inks, watercolor paints, fine point pens, and a range of printmaking techniques to generate abstractions. Through the use of abstract forms that concentrate on space, line, color and movement, I am developing visualizations that come to life and demonstrate the changeability in natural human moods and behaviors. Labyrinths are a continued and repeated visual motif in all of my works. By incorporating them I am representing a journey that encourages one to search within and return back again into reality. These visualizations of various paths, lines, obstacles and openings, are suggestive of common human experiences in acts of becoming and developing. Precise and sharp detailed marks with pen allow for my works to challenge the concept of fluidity.”