Maria Belford is a documentary photographer and filmmaker from Brooklyn, New York. Her photographs have been exhibited in galleries and cultural institutions around the country, most recently at Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning in Queens and Viridian Artists in Chelsea, New York. She has also been selected for residencies at the Queens Museum and Forward Flux Productions. She works mainly in digital photography, and her work focuses on themes of gentrification, feminism, and social justice.


“My photographs aim to create a connection and commonality with the subjects depicted. I am constantly working toward using photography as a medium of catharsis, while working on projects exploring the themes of feminism, marginalized youth, and immigrant communities. Most importantly, I want the subjects- whether they are people, places, or passing moments, to tell their own stories without interference or provocation. Stories that have yet to be told, or are often erased or silenced is where my lens is focused.”