Natasha May Platt studied philosophy and religion at Harvard University and went on to follow her creative dreams by moving to India directly after graduation.  She worked for a renowned Indian fashion designer and immersed herself in the language, culture, and beauty of the Indian culture.  After three years, she moved back to New York, where she continues to work directly with India to develop embroidery and textiles for New York designers.  She paints commissioned murals and oil paintings in her spare time.  She loves yoga, meditation, and trance music.


“I combine my love of textile and surface embellishment with my fascination with portraiture.  My art stands somewhere between fashion illustration and still life.   I am heavily influenced by the Indian sub-continent, in its saturation of color, the luxurious draping of unstitched fabrics, and the vibrant prints.  I always search to capture beauty, light, the glow of skin, the joy of a textile, the intensity of color in the folds of a fabric.  My inspirations for this piece were the proud women of Kashmir and the modern prints of Dries van Noten.  I enjoyed creating a woman emerging out of an intentionally two-dimensional background, as if the world beyond one’s self can be flattened in a print.”