Rachel Chicaguala is an artist currently based in her hometown of Brooklyn NY. She received her BFA from Alfred University in 2014, with a concentration in photography and printmaking. Her current practice uses a combination of these techniques to create imagined spaces and explore concepts of longing, belonging and home. She has been an Open Studio Resident at Brooklyn Art Space since July 2015 where she continues to make work and meet amazing people.


“My work focuses on the family, specifically my own but in a broader sense the changing family demographic in America. Growing up in an interracial home gave me a sense of the world early on, omitting of course the common prejudice that exists within it. It wasn’t until lower school that I realized the difference in my parents skin tone, pointed out to me by a fellow student. Suddenly the distinctions between my home and other families became apparent and important.It took a long time to find the balance between my two cultures, finally deciding that there is no half-this or half-that but a new blended culture that emerges in homes like mine. My work is a way of giving voice to the third culture that exists in my family and others like ours. In illustrating the stories that blended together in my childhood I hope to show that the distinctions which so often divide us can, if given the chance, be a force for positive and radical change.”